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1. How old are you?

2. He went to the Stadium .....

3. How long have you been living in London?

4. We haven't got ..... money.


6. Peter ..... fly to San Francisco tomorrow.

7. He plays soccer .....

8. .... some more coffee?

9. I wanted a green shirt but they only had .....

10. He ..... never been to America.


12. The house was empty. There ..... there.

13. If I were rich, I ..... buy a house on the beach.

14. When she arrived, he ..... .

15. I forgot ..... the lights before I left.

16. By the time you finish the class I .....

17. The room can't be dirty she .....

18. He plays soccer, ..... ?

19. If only I ..... to the party instead of staying at home.

20. Has Mrs. Smith arrived ..... ?

21. Wendy is ..... Paul to get up now.

22. Have you sent that letter to Mr. Taylor?
Yes, I've ..... done that.

23. It's no use ..... to him. He doesn't listen.

24. This is the girl ..... I met on Thursday.

25. ..... is your house from here?

26. You can watch TV ..... you like.

27. This house is quite old. It ..... in 1910.

28. She ..... go to school yesterday.

29. That's the ..... of my worries, it'll never happen.

30. Don't ..... me. I'll be back late.

31. The lady ..... in the corner is my aunt.


33. He doesn't like ..... what to do.

34. I ..... it doesn't rain tomorrow, I'm going for a picnic.

35. I thought you .....

36. He remembers being ..... to the fair as a child.

37. Finishing a course is always .....

38. She worked hard yesterday and ..... finish everything.



41. I wish I ..... a car, I'm tired of catching the bus.

42. Peter can eat ..... as twenty oranges in one sitting.

43. I know he didn't thank you, but he .... have done so.

44. I won't go to the cinema ..... you come with me.

45. He wrote the letter ..... , he didn't need anybody's help.

46. Hotel rooms must be ..... by noon.

47. You can take the book with you ..... you give it back.

48. Let's go watch the game, .....

49. I need to finish this ..... Friday.

50. After many years of research, they found the solution .....

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